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Returning Senator Mark Dayton to the Ranks of the Idle Rich in 2006


Dayton "boycotts" Allawi speech

As Hugh Hewitt noted re: John Kerry's absence from the Allawi speech yesterday:

"So John Kerry will end his political career as he began it, attacking America's role in a just war, undermining the morale of the troops who are fighting it, and expressing contempt for the leadership of a nation struggling to be free of oppressors. It is the only mark of consistency he's displayed, but not one that many voters will admire."

Substitute Mark Dayton for John Kerry and the observation loses not a thing.

Is it just me or is "boycott" a curious choice of words? Boycott is what you do when you have a moral objection to someone or something. Dayton may have a serious policy difference with the President and his Iraqi policy. But Allawi can hardly be considered someone worthy of moral opprobrium. As Hugh notes: "Every morning the sun rises on thousands of jihadists who spend their next many hours trying to murder Allawi". Allawi's crime: trying to build a democratic Iraq. Hmmm...sticking your neck out for the cause of freedom. We must boycott this Allawi character immediately! Nice logic, Senator.

Update from "Anonymous" (Joe Klein, is that you?) notes the same thing from Newsmax.

We love the "little known leftist" bit...


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