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On a recent day-trip from our home in Minneapolis to an outlet Mall in Albertville the Millers expierienced first-hand the reality of the below piece in Slate. We live in the Nokomis area where only a brave (foolhardy) soul would put a BC'04 sign on their lawn. 28th Avenue -- no exaggeration -- has Kerry lawnsigns in front of every other house from the airport into downtown.

The further we got into the western suburbs the more Bush bumperstickers appeared until we got into the burgeoning city of Albertville and stopped for lunch at the local Culvers to feed the kiddies (O.K., I love the butter burgers, too). In the parking lot were dozens of BC'04 bumperstickers. In fact, it was the exact inverse of Minneapolis. The good news for the good guys is that the growth is all in cities like Albertville. From Slate:

There’s more good demographic news for the Republicans. Seventy percent of recent population growth in Minnesota has occurred in outer-ring suburbs near the Twin Cities. These young suburbanites pouring into new beige tract houses are solidly Republican: culturally conservative, concerned about security, and less interested in Humphrey’s prairie populism than were their parents, who worked in the mines and factories. The 3M Company symbolizes the state’s changes. Those three Ms stand for Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing. But now the company is known for that staple of modern cubicle life, the Post-It Note.

This can't be good news for the senior senator...

Also from the Miller anecdote department it seems we Minnesotans are segregating ourselves politically more than ever before. My wife, a Minneapolis realtor was sitting at an open house on Sunday and had two women come in who said they were moving into the city because their political views were not as accepted in the suburbs as they would be in Minneapolis. The Millers could sympathize.


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