Dayton v. Kennedy

Returning Senator Mark Dayton to the Ranks of the Idle Rich in 2006


More than a "nuisance"?

In the last 72 hours John F. Kerry has made his sophisticated views on terrorism known to the nation. In this weekend's New York Times Magazine, Kerry called international terrorism a "nuisance".

Minnesota's Senior Senator has apparently taken issue with his party's standard bearer by, well, running for the hills. Dayton, a member of the Armed Services Committee, intimated that he was privy to some bone-chilling information that was shared by Majority Leader Frist some two weeks ago.

This could be considered prudent except for the fact that all 534 other members of Congress apparently saw no similar threat. The distinguished gentleman from Minnesota is apparently so worried that he will not allow his two sons to come anywhere near the Capital Dome.

This raises some interesting questions: Does the Senator take issue with the nominee of his own party on the threat presented by Islamic terrorism between now and the election? Does the Senator possess a "Sixth Sense" that doom is imminent? If the entire 108th Congress -- with the exception of Sen. Dayton -- is wiped out, would Dayton assume the legislative duties of the entire U.S. Congress?

With even such leftists as Barbara Boxer acknowledging "no specific threat", it can only be assumed that Senator Dayton is either the most precient man of either party, or he is demonstrating once again, in the words of Scott Johnson of Powerline, that he is "not dealing from a full deck".

Hat tip to Minnesota Democrats Exposed for yeoman's work on this topic today.

UPDATE: All 3 major Twin Cities network affiliates had the Dayton story near the top of their 10PM broadcast. WCCO noted that a Washington D.C. Deputy Mayor expressed "outrage" that Sen. Dayton would withold information from the city concerning a terrorist attack. Senator, if lives are at stake, don't you have a responsibility to protect the innocents by revealing the nature of this threat?


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