Dayton v. Kennedy

Returning Senator Mark Dayton to the Ranks of the Idle Rich in 2006


Atlas Shrugged

For more than a half-century now, the Democratic Party has been at war with capitalism. Behind this antipathy lies a curious form of self-loathing as an increasing number of Senate millionaires come from a background of inherited privilege. A certain senator from Minnesota comes to mind.

It is a relentless pursuit of success on the part of Mark Dayton's ancestors that allowed him, until recently, to take a $1 annual salary. And it is that same enterprising spirit that has employed thousands of Minnesotans over the last century, helped pay their mortgage, and educate their children. It can safely be said that Dayton's progenitors exerted a greater force for the good of Minnesota citizens than Mark Dayton could do in a lifelong tenure in the U.S. Senate.

In light of recent corporate accounting scandals, there has been an effort on behalf of the Left to outlaw stock options which remain an extraordinarily effective means of attracting top talent to progressive, innovative companies who create goods and services that better the life of people and create wealth for their employees and shareholders.

So when someone of the stature of Pete Mariani, Chief Accounting Officer of Guidant Corporation, asks both of Minnesota's senators to support the Stock Option Accounting Reform Act (S. 1890), it is worth noting. Mariani notes that Senator Coleman has already cosponsored this legislation. What a refreshing change it would be if someone like Dayton would also recognize the vital role employee equity plays in the fountainhead of human progress.

We're not holding our breath.


  • At 11/09/2004 01:48:00 PM, Blogger Sturgeon General said…

    There are many of us waiting for the beginning of the campaign to replace Dayton in '06. I think the right candidate will emerge next summer. Who knows; this may the first campaign (at least in modern times) where sanity becomes a central issue.

  • At 11/09/2004 10:24:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Too much hassel to log in

    Here is the prediction.
    Kennedy gets a call from Karl Rove.
    "Mark, we need you in the house to protect the USA against baby killers and America haters. We'd like ya to stay where y'are."
    "But Karl, I want to be Senatorrrrrrr!"
    "Sorry Mark, its Tim's turn. We'll see what we can do for you in house leadership."

    Tim Pawlenty runs against Dayton. Touts his accomplishments of destroying public schools, making all businesses have those stupid " drop your guns" signs and generally turning us into a cold Mississippi.

    Wins with 40% of the vote thanks to Mary Kiffmeyer.

    See you in 2006!


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