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How Does That Boycott Look Now, Senator?

Dayton v. Kennedy hasn't been around for long but we're already looking through our archives. One of our first posts was on the contemptible decision of Mark Dayton to "boycott" the speech at the U.S. Capitol by Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi. Presumably this was because Dayton thought Allawi a U.S. puppet.

Today there is word that Allawi's cousin, the cousin's wife and their daughter-in-law have been kidnapped.

As I noted in September, "Boycott is what you do when you have a moral objection to someone or something. Dayton may have a serious policy difference with the President and his Iraqi policy. But Allawi can hardly be considered someone worthy of moral opprobrium. As Hugh (Hewitt) notes: "Every morning the sun rises on thousands of jihadists who spend their next many hours trying to murder Allawi". Allawi's crime: trying to build a democratic Iraq. Hmmm...sticking your neck out for the cause of freedom. We must boycott this Allawi character immediately! Nice logic, Senator."

It turns out that Allawi is willing to pay a very dear price for the liberation of his country from radical Islamists. It would be nice if Minnesota's Senior Senator would extend him the time of day when next he comes to Washington.


  • At 11/10/2004 02:25:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I absolutely REFUSE to acknowledge Dayton's actions as a "boycott." His actions were (and are still) preposterous, ostentatious, and ridiculous.

    Just because my cousin's toddler "boycotts" spaghetti and meatballs in protest of not being able to eat Skittles for dinner - doesn't make it so.

    Minnesotans are forgiving of our politician's faults, yes. But we also are tough, no-nonense people.

    What Mark Dayton essentially did was throw a temper tantrum. Exactly WHAT does he claim he's boycotting - that America not confer with the leaders it is at war with in? Dayton's comments that Allawi "ought to be over there" in Iraq, is a good way to start hitting it home. If a successful election happens this January (as I suspect it will - Democrats hyped up the impending outrage and massacre that was supposed to happen on Afghanistan's election day, only to have it completely backfire), Dayton's own words will be the final nail in the coffin. Memo from Minnesotans to Dayton in DC: You "ought to be back home" in Minneapolis, and this time we'll make sure it's not just a temporary leave due to some paranoid-anxiety disorder over terrorists.


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