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Larry Jacobs' Sloppy Scholarship

Lawrence R. Jacobs, "McKnight land grant professor and director of the 2004 Elections Project at the University of Minnesota's Humphrey Institute" must be between TAs because no one checked his recent work. On Sunday, November 7th in his piece "Bush effort to mobilize his base deepened divisions", Jacobs claims that "Sen. John Kerry held nearly all of the states that voted for Al Gore in 2000 and did so by greater margins, as we saw in Minnesota but also in California, Massachusetts and others."

Must be the new math.

While Professor Jacobs is correct that Minnesota voted for Kerry by a greater margin than they did for Gore, Bush increased his share of the vote from 45.50% to 47.62%. Still, Jacobs is technically correct here. Where his scholarship breaks down is with California and Massachusetts. In California, the margin between the Republican and Democrat decreased from approximately 12% to 10% and in Kerry's home state of Massachusetts, the margin between Republican and Democrat decreased from 28% to 22%.

For the record, the following link shows that President Bush increased his vote share in every state of the Union with the exception of Vermont and South Dakota.

Three cheers for tenure


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