Dayton v. Kennedy

Returning Senator Mark Dayton to the Ranks of the Idle Rich in 2006


Making Waves

As a conservative columnist in the early '90s in my college newspaper I took much less satisfaction from seeing my columns published than I did from the hate mail they generated in the weeks subsequent. The name of my old "No Left Turns" column has since been appropriated by the Ashbrook Center who beat me to the punch.

So it was just like old times when I stumbled across this reference to Dayton v. Kennedy on a fairly well-trafficked leftist blog called Swing State Project.

From Swing State:
"In the Democratic net-roots, you can hardly escape a blog that isn't littered with discussions of voter fraud or people getting pissed because their favorite bloggers aren't talking about the issue. Meanwhile, some of you might be shocked to know that Republicans bloggers are already at work on 2006. Don't believe me? Well, they are already going after Democratic Senator Mark Dayton of Minnesota, and putting netroots infrastructure in place. Check it out HERE.
So as we go into the bottom of the first inning: Republicans 1 - Democrats 0"

So that's what you call this -- "netroots infrastructure"? Here I thought I was blogging...


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