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Empty Coffers, Empty Rhetoric

Our good friend Minnesota Democrats Exposed, the first blog to ever link to DvK, yesterday posted the most recent fundraising letter from Senator Dayton. It's understood that such entreaties are chock full of "red meat" and hyperbole but we can't help but feel that the bit about "one party control of our federal government" is just a bit over the top. One party rule is what the Democratic Party supported in numerous Latin American nations throughout the '70s and '80s. What we have in the United States is an opposition party that is hopelessly out of touch with the economic, social and religious sensibilities of most Americans. Read for yourself.

From the Desk of Mark Dayton

Countdown to 2005

Thank you for your generous support of my re-election effort. With your help, I am able to prepare for the onslaught that I know awaits me. This is a small price to pay, however, for the opportunity to represent Minnesotans in the United States Senate and to fight for our beliefs and principles.

The Republicans have already stated their intentions to govern from the far-right and then to complete their takeover of Congress by defeating me and my Democratic colleagues in 2006. They are just a few Senate victories away from complete, one-party control of our federal government. If they succeed, this will be "our" government no longer.

I am more determined than I have ever been in my life to stand up against their extremist agenda. As the Revolutionary War hero, John Paul Jones, said, "I have not yet begun to fight!" I will continue to oppose the Bush Administration's misconduct of the war in Iraq, its brazen attempt to privatize Social Security, its reckless fiscal policy continuing record deficits, its denial of basic Constitutional and human rights, its handing of environmental protections over to the polluters, and its abandonment of fully-funded public education and quality health care for all Americans. Those are disasters well worth fighting against!

To do so, I must ask for your help again. I am making a year-end fundraising appeal to show a respectable year-end fund balance. I think it's absurd that political strength is measured by fundraising prowess, but that is the reality I face.

December 31 is a critical date in this effort. Like all campaigns we will release our current financial reports and this an important chance to demonstrate the great excitement and energy in Minnesota and start the drive towards the election and broader Democratic victories in 2006. This is a critical time, and I am asking you to please help me by making a new online contribution to my campaign of $25, $50, $100, or whatever you can give.

If you can help again, I would be deeply grateful. If not, I thank you for your previous support. Either way, I wish you a joyous holiday season!

Best regards,

Mark Dayton


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