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Returning Senator Mark Dayton to the Ranks of the Idle Rich in 2006


It's Time for Rossi v. Cantwell Blog

While the world's eyes have been focused on the stolen election in Ukraine, Washington State Democrats are showing the world that you can't beat the USA when it comes to voter fraud. To their credit they didn't do this.

Chris Muir in today's Day By Day cartoon -- in 3 panels -- sums up the tomfoolery being perpetrated by Washington State's Democratic Party. Bottom line: Christine Gregoire will purloin the Washington governor's race from Dino Rossi by 8 votes by virtue of a third recount, partisan court rulings, mysteriously discovered ballots, counting previously disqualified ballots in Democratic strongholds, etc. Orion warned us.

While this likely outcome is bad for the good people of Washington, it can be very good news for the rest of us. Let the word go forth that it is time for an enterprising blogger to begin the Rossi v. Cantwell blog for 2006!


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