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Returning Senator Mark Dayton to the Ranks of the Idle Rich in 2006


Senator Dayton's Greatest Hits of 2004

The Minneapolis Star Tribune has compiled a list of the "big moments" for Minnesotans in Congress this year. Heading the list is Senator Mark Dayton. According to the famously left-leaning Star-Trib Dayton's "big moments" were the following:

• Drew national attention when he temporarily closed his Washington office, citing the possibility of a preelection terrorist attack.

• Clashed with Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in a nationally televised Senate hearing on Iraqi prisoner abuse.

• Said lawmakers shouldn't have better prescription drug coverage than ordinary Americans, then dropped his federal benefits until 2006, when seniors begin receiving new Medicare drug benefits.

• Boycotted a congressional speech by Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, saying it was a "production," staged by the Bush administration.

• Helped persuade the Chinese government to permit Luke Nassif, a Chinese boy undergoing heart surgery at the Mayo Clinic, to remain in the United States until his adoption by a Rochester couple is finalized.
In other words, Dayton's year consisted of:

  • Made an empty symbolic gesture by dropping his health insurance, leaving only his vast inherited fortune to rely upon for his healthcare needs.
If these are all the highlights a newspaper certain to endorse him for re-election in 2006 can come up with, Dayton's eventual re-election campaign is going to be mighty fun indeed.

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