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Returning Senator Mark Dayton to the Ranks of the Idle Rich in 2006


Sowell: Go To Defcon1

Upon emerging from the stupor that is liberalism in the early '80s, this thirty-something blogger found great solace in the writings of Thomas Sowell. In this piece, Sowell says it's time for Senate Republicans to make like Emeril and kick it up a notch. Excerpts from yesterday's column:

Who sits on the Supreme Court for life may be more important than who sits in the White House for four years. With vacancies to fill among federal judges in general and vacancies expected to occur on the aging Supreme Court in particular, the stakes are very high in the judicial appointments made in the next few years. We and our children will be living with the consequences for a long time

The highest stakes are democratic self-governance versus judicial fiats that threaten to make a mockery of the American system of government by elected officials.

If both the liberal agenda and the whole process of judicial lawlessness that serves it are ever to be stopped, Senate Republicans will have to face the question that Ronald Reagan used to ask: "If not us, who -- and if not now, when?"

George Will warns that someday the Republicans will be in the minority and Democrats can then use the proposed rule change to keep them from blocking legislation they don't like. But judicial nominations are too fundamental an issue, at a time when we stand at a legal crossroads, to worry that a rule change will, in effect, escalate the political arms race.

Alternatively, we could just get a filibuster-proof majority in '06...


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