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They Don't Get It

This bit from The Hotline earlier this week suggests that Democrats like their blogging just like their economics: with a heavy dose of central planning.

From The Hotline:
Incoming-Sen Min Leader Harry Reid (NV) "is forming a communications 'war room' to promote Democrats' messages and respond to Republican criticism." The "center will be launched" 1/4/05. Jim Manley, press secretary for Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA), "has been hired as a staff director for the center" that will be located on Capitol Hill. Phil Singer, ex-media adviser to Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), "will be communications director, handling 'rapid response.'" A "15-member message team will include press aides who will publicize Democratic activities to Internet news organizations and bloggers," Reid said. Reid press sec., Tessa Hafen, "will focus on Nevada media and regional news outlets" (Tetreault, Las Vegas Review-Journal, 11/30).

Methinks they miss the point. Evidently when Dan Rather accused Hinderaker, Johnson, et al of being "Republican operatives", he actually believed it. In DemWorld, every member of the center-right blogosphere takes its marching orders from Messrs. Rove and Mehlman each morning and regurgitate the pap to the awaiting rabble in Jesusland.

Un-uh. The reason this was the year of the blog is because free men and women used their wits and investigative powers to unearth some explosive stories. Several months later a network anchor's career is cut short and GWB will soon be inaugurated for a second term -- not because we all thought alike but precisely because we didn't.

Far be it from me to give free advice to the Dems, but you guys may want to consider a little bit of laissez-faire when it comes to your blogging.



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