Dayton v. Kennedy

Returning Senator Mark Dayton to the Ranks of the Idle Rich in 2006


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As noted when Club for Growth was kind enough to reference Dayton v. Kennedy last month, this blogger -- as a 14 year-old -- was busy reading Jude Wanniski's The Way the World Works and George Gilder's Wealth and Poverty. So it was only natural that while my peers were enjoying their reindeer games, my head was buried in the Editorial Page of the Wall Street Journal. What a geek!

So it was with joy that it was discovered -- upon looking at the blog for the first time in 48 hours -- that John Fund at had made a brief reference to DvK.

Journal readers will find Dayton v. Kennedy to have a definite supply-side flavor. The good news is that you will find that Congressman Mark Kennedy has a savory supply-side flavor as well. The Congressman has an exemplary record of opposing tax increases and supporting legislation that liberates the productive forces of the economy.

It may be too early to have you bookmark us, but think kindly of Representative Kennedy as you decide where to allocate your dollars for 2006 Senate races -- should he run.

Please note that Dayton v. Kennedy is neither affiliated with, nor compensated by, Congressman Kennedy's yet-to-be-announced campaign. We will call 'em as we see 'em.


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