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2006 Blogroll Additions

Regular visitors will note that our 2006 Senate blogroll has grown in recent days to include Cold Hearted Truth's 2006 Senate Page, the DSCC and NRSC, Republican Senate, and Swing State Project.

Hate to say it but the lefties are cleaning up here. is the best of the bunch featuring pictures, graphics and analysis of all the 2006 incumbents and potential challengers. Good site if you can get past the boilerplate America/GOP hatred. Swing State Project is well written with many "correspondents" in the field.

The best thing going on the right side of the blogosphere that we have come across include CHT's 2006 Senate Page which has the promise of excellence but lacks the rich content of their adversaries. Republican Senate is well written and informative but in its nascent stage.

On a happier note, the NRSC buries the DSCC at this point. NRSC visitors, as of today, are greeted by the inviting face of Elizabeth Dole. There is already a "button" to the 2006 races which has the infrastructure for an interactive rundown of each State. The DSCC (as of the time of this writing) features the recently routed John Corzine and his 'apology' for last November's showing.

We invite our readers to pass along any blogs they think merits inclusion in our 2006 blogroll.


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