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Returning Senator Mark Dayton to the Ranks of the Idle Rich in 2006


PFAW to Dems: Don't Give Up the Filibuster

From today's People For the American Way press release:

President Bush is trying to ram through a dozen controversial judicial nominees who were not confirmed in 2004. As the Washington Post noted, Bush's action amounts to a "childish message to Senate Democrats... : I dare you to try filibustering them again."

When it comes to protecting the courts, the filibuster is one of the most important parliamentary tools progressives have. With the filibuster, it takes 60 Senate votes to cut off debate and confirm right-wing judicial nominees. Without the filibuster, it only take 51 votes to push a nominee through.

The filibuster is sometimes the only leverage we have to defeat right-wing nominees and force the President to compromise. Bush's bluster, echoed by Republican Senate leaders, is meant to frighten Democratic senators away from using it.

Send a message to the Democrats in the Senate: Don't give up the filibuster and don't hesitate to use it when needed!


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