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And Don’t Let the Door Hit You…

Mark Kennedy agrees---Syria’s ambassador has to go.

Following Syria’s “alliance” with Iran and the nation’s possible connection in the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, the victim of a deadly car bomb attack, Kennedy believes the time has come to serve diplomatic ties with Syria:

"I fully support the administration's decision to withdraw our ambassador from Syria. This sends a strong signal to those, like Syria, who actively support terrorists, and fight against peoples democratic rights. We are committed to the cause of spreading freedom, and will continue to assist those around the world as committed to this as we are, and will continue to assist those around the world who share in our goal of a world where every man, woman, and child is secure in their God-given liberty.”

What’s this? No more American Secretary’s of State waiting on Syrian tarmacs to be lectured by members of the Assad family? No more promises made by Bashar Assad to American officials that are immediately broken? My God, what will Foggy Bottoms think?

Kennedy and the Bush administration’s response: who cares? The administration briefly attempted the carrot with Syria and is now brandishing the stick. Kennedy obviously understands the necessity to stand firm against Syria, especially when the regime of the boy dictator is lashing out. While it would have been nice for the Congressman to elaborate on his views on Syria, Kennedy proves, to abuse an old quote from Margaret Thatcher, he’s ”not one for turning.”

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