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And On The Undercard...

In addition to the Minnesota Senate race in 2006, and the race to fill Mark Kennedy's 6th Congressional District seat, there are some other state races worth keeping an eye on as well.

This morning Assistant Majority Leader of the state's House of Representatives Jeff Johnson, from State House District 43A, announced his bid to become the next Minnesota Attorney General.

At this point it is still not known who the Democrats will field in this race. Current DFL Attorney General Mike Hatch would make a formidable incumbent. But he is speculated to be a DFL front-runner for either the Senate nomination or (more likely) the Minnesota Gubernatorial nomination.

Another reason this race is important for the GOP is that the office of Attorney General is responsible for investigating and/or prosecuting any cases of voting fraud for elections in Minnesota. With nearby Wisconsin's recent voter-fraud providing a warning about states with same-day voter registration (which Minnesota also allows), a GOP Attorney General would allow the GOP to breathe easier in close elections. All the poll-challengers in the world can't overturn the decision of an Attorney General who refuses to investigate allegations of fraud. It won't help in 2006, but when Senator Coleman is up for re-election in 2008, which party controls the office of AG could matter a great deal.

I have some more words about the interesting media strategy Johnson's office is pursuing in this race over at my site: Minnesota AG Candidate Embraces the Blogosphere

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