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Another day, another sign that Amy Klobuchar is the DFL frontrunner.

On Friday night’s Almanac, the show’s political panel seemed in near lockstep agreement that Klobuchar was the favorite of the party activists and insiders. Ted Mondale, former State Senator and son of the former Vice-President, described that the sentiment in the DFL was to avoid a messy September primary and settle on a candidate quickly. No Mike Ciresi. No Steven Kelley. No Tom Rukavina. Just Klobuchar.

Taxpayers League President David Strom called Mondale’s strategy the ”nightmare scenario for Republicans” who obviously would prefer to see the DFL form a circular firing squad all the way until September. Strom described Klobuchar as ”a Democrat Republicans like to like” while Mondale defended criticisms that selecting Klobuchar this early was too much insider politics for Minnesota. ”She has the right profile, being a prosecutor….I think it’s her time and that may not be fair to everyone but politics isn’t fair.” Mondale said ”everyone” he knows is supporting her. Renowned Republican pundit Sarah Janacek wondered how the DFL would be so easily able to sort out a U.S. Senate candidate with Mike Ciresi’s millions once again backing his campaign.

Panelist Ember Reichgott Junge, another former DFL state Senator, backed Klobuchar as well, as she had a week earlier on Minnesota’s other political forum, At Issue. Ember’s attitude may signal that the 2006 DFL ticket be nicknamed the Estrogen Brigade, as she not only lauded Klobuchar but said the best possible candidate against incumbent Governor Tim Pawlenty would be a woman. As talk of an all-female top of the ticket for the DFL continues into 2006, remember you read it here first about the DFL’s Judi Dutcher syndrome.

The DFL is still grounding sour grapes about choosing veteran state Senator Roger Moe over GOP turned DFL Auditor Judi Dutcher in the race for Governor in 2002. Activists obviously hope to make that correction by endorsing Klobuchar for Senate. And who knows, they might be able to endorse Dutcher for Governor and have a ticket entirely compromised of daughters of famous Minnesotan sports/sports-related figures (Dutcher’s father coached the men’s basketball team at the University of Minnesota).

Keep the theme going. Clemette Haskins for Secretary of State 2006!

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