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Klobuchar v. Kennedy, anyone?

On this morning’s At Issue with Tom Hauser, the panelists seemed to be in agreement that Hennepin County Attorney Amy Klobuchar is the DFL’s unofficial frontrunner for U.S. Senate. Klobuchar, finishing her second term after winning reelection in 2002 with no opponent, won a rough first campaign against Cheryl Ramstad Hvass, the sister of 3rd Congressional Congressman Jim Ramstad. Klobuchar is also the daughter of author and former Star Tribune columnist Jim Klobuchar.

Klobuchar had been considered by insiders from both parties to be a DFL favorite for Attorney General when Mike Hatch left the office, presumably to face Governor Tim Pawlenty in 2006. Is Klobuchar the strongest candidate in the DFL field or are we seeing a continuation of the Judi Dutcher syndrome? Dutcher, the former State Auditor, lost the DFL endorsement for Governor in 2002 to 30 year veteran Roger Moe, pleasing few activists outside of the delegates and alternates present at the convention. Delegates and activists in the DFL have been clamoring for years to put more women at the top of the ticket, with increased volume in recent years as the GOP has elected several women to statewide office. Klobuchar may not even be the strongest potential DFL female candidate running as three-term Rep. Betty McCollum is still rumored to seek the Senate.

Dean Barkley also popped his head in the door and discussed his political future, stating in vague terms that he might run or he might not. Barkley believed any Independence Party candidate that might run would likely emerge later in the year but hinted at his own candidacy by stressing that an independent candidate only needs to aim for 38% (Ventura’s magic number in 1998) to win a three-way race.

Er...Klobuchar v. Kennedy v. Barkley, anyone?

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