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GOP 2006 Senate Race Begins to Clear

The First Ring reports tonight that one rumored candidate for the GOP's nomination to run for Senate in 2006 will not be tossing his hat in the ring:

"2002 Republican gubernatorial hopeful Brian Sullivan has announced he intends to seek the office of National Committeeman of the Republican Party in a letter to State Central Committee delegates."
Sullivan's announcement came in the form of a letter to State Central Committee Delegates, stating in part:

"I believe it is important to continue the important work of building and expanding our party’s grassroots base, and that is why I have decided to seek the post of Republican National Committeeman.

I am writing you today to ask for your support and vote for National Committeeman."
And also:

The re-election of Governor Pawlenty, the defeat of Mark Dayton, and the need to gain seats in the Minnesota House and take control of the State Senate are paramount goals for our Party in 2006. We need a National Committeeman who can help make these goals a reality.
From these statements, it is clear that Sullivan intends to support the eventual GOP nominee for Senate in 2006, and equally clear that he has no designs on being that nominee.

For more detail, the entire Sullivan letter is posted at The First Ringer.

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