Dayton v. Kennedy

Returning Senator Mark Dayton to the Ranks of the Idle Rich in 2006


Here's Why We Need More Than 55

The next time you forget why we need Mark Kennedy to replace Mark Dayton read today's WaPo (via The Corner)

Schumer told reporters that Senate Democrats see no reason to back Myers and other nominees who were turned back last year "unless there's new and dramatic information. . . . I think the president nominating them [again] is, sort of, a poke in the eye." Of the nominees sent back by Bush, Schumer said, "I think [Myers] would have the easiest chance of all of them, and I don't think he has the votes yet, either."

Liberal groups also signaled no letup in their campaign against conservative judges. "Rather than starting a new Congress with judicial nominees commanding bipartisan support, they immediately renew the judicial wars with polarizing nominees who were blocked in the previous Congress," said Ralph G. Neas, head of People for the American Way.

Speaking of which, Hugh Hewitt reads the same pap and decides it's time to do something about it:

The good and wonderful news is that this political struggle is not a civil war, but it is a political show-down of the highest order and the greatest stakes. No blood will be shed or violence done, thank God, but like the dramatic confrontation of 1964, the Congress must force a radical minority to reconcile to the majoritarian choices of a majority of Americans.

I think it is important to message Senator Frist that it is time to bring this confrontation to a head, and to generally force every issue on which the last election turned, including tort reform, energy exploration, the marriage amendment, but especially judges. At the same time that the GOP leadership in the Congress gets a message to press hard, the Dems should also get the sort of message that they notice: Get ready to send a contribution to Minnesota Congressman Mark Kennedy, the leading GOP contender and almost certain nominee for the seat currently held by retiring Democrat Mark Dayton, as soon as he opens a web-site for his campaign. When you do, e-mail a note to Senator Reid and Senator Leahy that you will be digging deep this cycle in order to render the filibuster question moot (and copy the vulnerable Democratic senators in Nebraska, Florida, Michigan, Washington State and New Mexico).

Kennedy is one step ahead of you, Hugh.

P.S. Grant!!


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