Dayton v. Kennedy

Returning Senator Mark Dayton to the Ranks of the Idle Rich in 2006


Kennedy Caravan Photos (Day 2 & 3)

'Check under the hood, Ma'am?' Kennedy spent day two pumping gas and washing windshields (and checking your oil if you slipped him a campaign contribution...). Done in his hometown, Kennedy received an almost all positive reception. Aaron, our driver for the day, stood outside the station waving his Kennedy sign to encourage people to enter. He received numerous positive honks and one "expletive deleted." Can't win 'em all, I guess.

At a VFW in Chaska, Kline calls Kennedy a "mentor" and "friend." Kennedy also gets grilled by Marcus Aurelius and the blogger formerly known as 'Jo' from The Attic.

The brains behind the operation? Press Secretary Heidi "Frickerson" Frederickson checks the map because the candidate refuses to stop and ask for directions. Despite the fact both Kennedy and Heidi are children of rural Minnesota, even they can find the area confusing at times. Actually, I think Heidi is checking the map for congressional district borders.

It's called dialing for dollars. Kennedy spent most of the time on the bus talking with senate district leaders and other supporters. This call is from Kennedy's conversation with Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) on Kennedy's roads bill.

My view for the majority of the three days.

Mmmm. Butterburgers. Not a bad advertisement for Kennedy's campaign. Kennedy also made a contribution to the American Heart Walk, signing a large red heart for the Culver's people to show his support for the cause. Kennedy is a rock star at these rural events and he's drawing crowds in these communities the equal of Norm Coleman's 2002 Senate kick-off tour.

6th CD hopeful Phil Krinkie chats with Mrs. Kennedy. Krinkie might have been confused for a stalker with Kennedy's campaign. He appeared at the Mermaid on Wednesday and then came in for Kennedy's speech Thursday in St. Cloud. In a further case of mistaken identity, Heidi thought Krinkie was a tall, good-looking blond gentleman. comment.

Many members of the audience in this St. Cloud ballroom were not sitting in chairs but standing in the back, a few having frequented the cash bar outside the room. The 6th District DFL Chair who was videotaping Kennedy is barely visible -- he's in the front row closest to Kennedy on the right side.

I think Kennedy can count on the NASCAR dads voting bloc.

The staff with Mrs. Kennedy as we're waiting for the candidate has he's being interviewed on the radio. The gentleman on the right is Kennedy's advance man, Lonny, who doubled as my roommate for the trip. Lonny thinks he snores like a chainsaw -- I tease him but he barely makes a noise.

I caught flak from the Kennedy campaign who said that this interview wasn't with 'Dave Lee' -- he's from WCCO. I was sure otherwise, but Heidi called to double check the host's name. Dave Lee. Maybe Heidi was just miffed I misspelled her name earlier.

Is any press worth this?

I think this is officially all the Republicans in Duluth. Seriously though, the GOP in this region is new but extremely organized and motivated. Issue-wise, the electorate is pretty conservative so there's room for growth. But it'll be a tough slog to overcome decades of entrenched DFL voting.

Frozen Lake Superior sung to the tune of "Turn the Page" (Seger version, not Metallica). Ladies and gentlemen of America, this is Duluth in winter. The city is actually quite beautiful and Kennedy seems to relish coming onto solid DFL turf.

UPDATE: The Conservative Loon adds his observations on the Kennedy kick-off tour and candidacy.

As does the Pequot Lakes Echo. Word on the street is that the 'Echo' (Wait a sec. I thought conservatives wanted a choice, not an echo.) will be doing a piece on Ringer's adventures. FWIW.


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