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Is the DFL ready to endorse another Hennepin County Attorney for statewide office?

Amy Klobuchar appears ready to enter the U.S. Senate campaign, according to Minnesota Democrats Exposed who noticed Klobuchar has registered a domain name for a potential Senate run.

The last time the DFL chose a Hennepin County Attorney to lead their ticket was in 1998 with Mike Freeman, the son of former Agriculture Secretary in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations, Orville Freeman. One of the members of the famed “My Three Sons” campaign of 1998 (the other two being the offspring of Hubert Humphrey and Walter Mondale), Freeman won a marathon endorsing convention only to lose to Attorney General Skip Humphrey in the DFL primary.

Despite being the progeny of writer and local columnist Jim Klobuchar (hence the title of the post), Amy Klobuchar hasn’t been viewed as statewide candidate material by either side:

”Political insiders, foes and acquaintances say Klobuchar is extremely bright, hard-working and determined. But when they go off the record, several say she is also "self-absorbed," too obviously ambitious and unwilling to give enough credit to others. Some say she also seems to be trying to prove herself to someone.

"Her favorite topic is Amy Klobuchar," said one DFLer….

"I've known Amy for many years, and I like her," said Sarah Janecek, a Republican, lobbyist and co-editor of Politics in Minnesota. "She had the good fortune to beat Sheryl Ramstad, and she has the good fortune to be Hennepin County attorney at a time when there are a lot of very high-profile crimes."

But the office has not been a historically successful launching pad for higher office and, as an urban female, Klobuchar would have trouble with a statewide office, said Janecek.”

Klobuchar had long been rumored as a potential heir to current Attorney General Mike Hatch, often mentioned as Governor Tim Pawlenty’s chief opponent in 2006. Klobuchar’s apparent decision to seek the U.S. Senate will certainly only fuel rumors that Hatch has no interest in contesting the Governor.

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