Dayton v. Kennedy

Returning Senator Mark Dayton to the Ranks of the Idle Rich in 2006


Minnesota's Center-Left Blogs Aren't Thrilled With Dayton Either

An interesting couple of posts over at a Minnesota blog of the center-left reflect a growing discontent with Minnesota's senior Senator.

First there was this report regarding a Dayton fund-raising call:

This was an actual phone call to my home last evening:
Caller: This is a political call from the office of Mark Dayton for Senator

ME: I'm sorry, but I have been very disappointed in the decisions and actions of Senator Dayton lately, and I will be evaluating all candidates before I decide on my support.

Caller : *click*
Mark Dayton largely self-financed his previous Senate run, spending nearly 12 million of his personal fortune. But being an inheritor rather than a creator of great wealth does have its drawbacks; the relevant one here being that he can't afford to self-finance another run. So anecdotes like the above have to be troubling to both Senator Dayton and his party.

This morning, in noting a report that former GOP Senator Rod Grams may toss his hat into the 2006 GOP Senate nomination ring, the same blog posted:

The field is getting crowded. The best hope for a Dayton re-election is for there to be a bitterly divided GOP endorsement process.

Dream Match-up --> [former Congressman Bill] Luther - [former Senator Rod] Grams
Probable Match-up --> Dayton - Kennedy

I'd vote for Bill in a heart beat, Dayton will have to earn my vote.
As I posted in his comments section, Bill Luther would likely be a more formidable opponent for the GOP than Mark Dayton (though he would bring along his own political baggage). But I'm skeptical the Democrats will forfeit the incumbent to give Luther or anyone else the opportunity.

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(Incidentally, this isn't Gary. It's Doug, from Bogus Gold. What am I doing posting here? I'll leave that for Gary to explain later.)


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