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More Letters to the Editor Blasting Dayton

As I recently noted, Minnesota's two largest newspapers have begun to show great contrast in their "letters to the editor" sections regarding Minnesota's senior Senator.

Examination of this section in today's paper shows that trend continuing.

Today's Pioneer Press leads off their letters to the editor with the title: In defense (and not) of Dayton Somewhat surprisingly the "nots" vastly outnumber the defenders.

By my count there is only a single defender of Mark Dayton among all the published letters. Another letter is critical of Condoleeza Rice, so I suppose that could be loosely interpreted as "defending" Dayton.

Then we come to those not defending Dayton. There are five in total. They include some juicy quotes. Here are a few:

"Sen. Dayton said it's "time for people to stop lying. It's Un-American and un-patriotic and needs to end now."

He is correct. Thus, Sen. Dayton, I implore you, please quit your lying."


"Very few sitting senators are as much of an embarrassment to the people of our country as Ted Kennedy and Barbara Boxer. And, now, our own Mark Dayton has joined them."

"Sen. Dayton not only embarrassed himself, but also the voters of Minnesota in his outburst against Condoleezza Rice and his questioning of her integrity."
"I was embarrassed for Minnesota at the grandstanding by Sen. Dayton during the confirmation hearing for Condoleezza Rice. As yet another talented minority nominated for a position of influence and power in the U.S. government by President Bush, she deserved to be treated with respect and dignity."

Another letter takes a shot at Dayton's hiring of former "unbiased" Pioneer Press media-critic Brian Lambert. Sounds familiar.

I seriously doubt The Pioneer Press will continue to give such lopsided voice to the critics of Senator Dayton on their letters page much longer. I suspect they are doing so at the moment to counter-balance their ridiculously one-sided pro-Dayton editorial referenced here and here.

Incidentally, the Star Tribune letters to the editor didn't mention a word about Senator Dayton today.

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