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More Speculation About Minnesota's 6th Congressional District

King Banian at SCSU Scholars has an interesting analysis of the way the Republican candidates are lining up in the 6th Congressional District: Pig pile in the Sixth -- remember its size

Banian likes the chances of State Rep. Jim Knoblach, who is something of a darkhorse compared to some of the names being mentioned most in the press at the moment. He notes:

Knoblach runs from a safe area in a part of the district almost nobody else comes from. He's been the head of the bonding committee and now runs the new state Ways and Means committee in the Minnesota House. From a position like that he has enough sway to attract the $2 million or more that will be needed to run this race, a price tag that will quickly shake out the field. That's his second advantage -- between his local fundraising in St. Cloud, where he will have no challenge, and his access to potential contributors from his position on Ways and Means, he has deep pockets.

Knoblach is not flashy and not bombastic. He is somewhat more technocratic than charismatic. But political watchers around the state would make a mistake to ignore his candidacy. While some others may come out of the gate strong trying to drive other candidates out of the race, they are unlikely to shake Jim off their tails any time soon. This should be fun to watch.
A nice map of the 6th district and more analysis of the other poetential candiates in the post as well. Read the whole thing.

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