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Pining for A Pink Boa

Don’t count the Star Tribune’s resident over-the-top liberal columnist Nick Coleman as among those excited by the prospects of the rumored DFL field. The man who idolized Paul Wellstone’s “Green Bus” is willing to trade down to the king of Minnesota’s “short bus” politicos---Jesse Ventura:

”A Sen. Ventura might have the same effect on the second President Bush. But if he did, it wouldn't be because as governor, Jesse schmoozed with President Clinton and smoked cigars with him on the White House veranda. It would be because Jesse has become an outspoken critic of the war in Iraq and a spokesman for military members and their families, especially over the issue of extended overseas deployments of National Guard troops.

Sen. Jesse would be one of the only people in Washington with the backbone to talk truth to power and not be accused of partisan grandstanding.

"He would call out the president on this war," [former Ventura spokesperson John] Wodele said Thursday. "Jesse does NOT like this war. He's just beside himself over it -- how we got into it and the reasons for it."

Wodele did confirm the rumor that Ventura has joked about running for U.S. Senate in 2006, but continued to insist that Ventura isn’t about to ditch his newly acquired Che Guevara look to attempt and become one of 100 other Senators. Coleman isn’t dismayed, however:

”He remains popular, a sought-after speaker on the lecture circuit whose unconventional (and nonpartisan) views receive enthusiastic reception. In a speech last week in California, he called himself "the most dangerous man in America." And despite the wrestling-ring braggadocio, it just might be true.

Next year's Senate race in Minnesota will be part of a crucial midterm campaign that could shape the future of the country for years to come. Jesse, who will be 54 in July, is perfectly positioned to be the best wrestler in the U.S. Senate since Paul Wellstone.

"Every member of the traditional political class fears this guy," Wodele says.”

Maybe once, but not anymore. Look for Ventura and his allies to defer to Independence Party founder and appointed Senator Dean Barkley, who is seriously exploring another U.S. Senate campaign.

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