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2 1/2 months ago I made the case that 2004 Republican gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi should resign himself to the fact that Washington state Dems like the undead more than Vincent Price -- and take on feckless incumbent Maria Cantwell.

Polling by Rasmussen confirms my instincts:

Election 2006: Washington

Rossi 47% Cantwell 44%

Election 2006 Senate


Rossi (R) 47%
Cantwell (D) 44%

Saturday February 26, 2005--Dino Rossi, the man who narrowly lost the race to be Washington's Governor last November, holds a slight lead over incumbent Senator Maria Cantwell in a hypothetical Election 2006 match-up.

Rossi attracts 47% of the vote to Cantwell's 44% in a survey of 500 Likely Voters conducted February 22, 2005. The margin of sampling error is +/- 4.5 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Rossi leads by 7 points among men and trails by 1 among women.

A Republican victory in the "Blue State" of Washington would go against the recent trend of Senate elections matching up with the state's Presidential preference.

In Election 2004, eight Senate seats switched from one party to the other. Six of the eight were Republican victories in Red States. One was a Democratic victory in the very Blue State of Illinois. The exception that proves the rule was Colorado where Democrat Ken Salazar narrowly defeated first time candidate Pete Coors.

Overall, Rossi is viewed favorably by 55% of Washington's voters. Cantwell is viewed favorably by 54%.


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