Dayton v. Kennedy

Returning Senator Mark Dayton to the Ranks of the Idle Rich in 2006


Rep. John Kline Endorses Kennedy for Senate

Rep. John Kline appeared on the Hugh Hewitt radio show this evening. Kline, one of many spoken about as a potential rival to Mark Kennedy for the 2006 Republican Senate nomination, did not shy away from discussing this topic.

Hugh Hewitt asked him about those rumors, and Kline stated very firmly that he is not seeking the Senate nomination.

While saying kind words about former Senator Rod Grams, who has announced his intention to seek the nomination, Kline further stated that he is a firm supporter of Rep. Kennedy’s bid.

Kline described Kennedy as the best candidate, noting he is a fine campaigner. He also offered his agreement with Senator Norm Coleman’s earlier statement that in this race it is important for party to quickly close ranks behind their candidate.

Kline cited his personal friendship with Kennedy as a big reason for his support. Kline also noted that they agree on almost every important issue. Also that Kennedy has a good organization and is ready to go. Also that Kennedy understands the War on Terror very well, and not every candidate does.

Perhaps this is more of the Coleman effect?

-posted by Doug

NOTE: Not to toot our own horn here (okay, maybe a little), other than listeners to the show I got this from, has anyone seen a media source reporting this? I haven't, and I've been looking for hours. Blog-speed reporting! The 24 hour news-cycle is dead. Places like this may not always have the latest news, but you'd be foolish not to check.


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