Dayton v. Kennedy

Returning Senator Mark Dayton to the Ranks of the Idle Rich in 2006


TBFKADVK in National Journal

Courtesy of SDP we discover this morning that The Hotline makes note of TBFKADVK's photoblogging of Rep. Kennedy's kick-off tour yesterday with extensive quotes from First Ringer:

From yesterday's edition of The Hotline:

The Blog "First Ring" writes: "yours truly is joining" the Kennedy camp kick-off tour today "as an invited journalist, blogger, er... bloggerist?" The First Ring and TBFKADVK (The Blog Formerly Known As Dayton V. Kennedy) "certainly won't be the last to take this step, but we may be the first. Candidates have discovered the perks of the blogosphere and have invited us to the table in much the same form as journalists have followed them on the campaign trail for generations."
"Expect posting here to be light for the next three days -- I will be (according to plan) recording and photoblogging the campaign trail over at the site eventually to be renamed a symbol" National Journal (2/22).

Hey, Lauck, what do you mean 'Kennedy Using Blogs for Minneota '06 Race'?


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