Dayton v. Kennedy

Returning Senator Mark Dayton to the Ranks of the Idle Rich in 2006


Who Replaces Dayton? The Rumor Mill is Churning

No one seems to know for sure who replaces Senator Dayton as the Democratic nominee in 2006, but the rumors are flying hot and heavy, ranging from Al Franken to Walter Mondale.

For those interested in keeping tabs on the rumor-mill, here are a few good places to look:

Minnesota Democrats Exposed is keeping a running tally called Who's In, Who's Out. Currently the list reads:

Mark Dayton
Walter Mondale
Mike Hatch
Matt Entenza

WHO'S IN? (or who has not ruled it out)
Jerry Janezich
Buck Humphrey
Betty McCollum
Amy Klobuchar
Mike Ciresi
Steve Kelley
Dean Johnson
Al Franken
Check the site often for updates.

For those interested in the speculation among those on the Democratic side of the aisle, local center-left blogger Flash, from Centrisity, has a nice roundup this morning he calls The Bench.

His current reckoning is:


Michael Ciresi - attorney
Jerry Janezich - winner of the DFL Senate endorsement on 2000
Steve Kelley - State Senator
Amy Klobuchar - County Attorney
Tom Rukavina -State Representative


Al Franken - comedian & talk radio host
Dean Johnson - State Senator
Bill Luther - former Congressman
Betty McCollum - Congresswoman
Vance Opperman - attorney and investor
Rebecca Yanisch - 2000 Senate candidate, lost nomination to Dayton
Patty Wetterling - lost Congressional bid to Rep. Mark Kennedy in 2004

Probably Not:

Matt Entenza - State House Minority Leader
Mike Hatch - State Attorney General
Buck Humphrey - son of Skip, grandson of Hubert H.
Skip Humphrey - son of Hubert H.
Dave Lillehaug - US Attorney
Roger Moe - Former Senate Majority Leader
Ted Mondale - son of Walter
Walter Mondale - you know who he is
Alan Page - Minnesota Supreme Court Justice (and former Minnesota Viking great)
Tim Penny - former DFL Congressman
Collin Peterson - Multi term Congressman
Wellstone Brothers, Mark and David - sons of the late Senator Paul Wellstone

Much more info on these picks on Flash's Centrisity post.

There is also some interesting speculation at The First Ring, but it's a bit difficult to put into a simple list. Go check out his analysis which includes both Democrat and Republican possibilities.

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