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“It’s Time for the Good Wine”

Well, at least his campaigning doesn’t consist of just complaining to Roll Call.

There’s been another sighting of GOP long shot Harold Shudlick campaigning among the Republican rank-and-file. Last seen at the GOP’s State Central meeting in Bloomington, Shudlick has upgraded his campaign with an official campaign sign---a traditional-looking red and yellow affair standing in stark contrast to his normal eight-foot high “homemade” sign held up by white PVC tubing.

Shudlick was handing out literature and speaking with attendees at the Dennis Prager event sponsored by AM1280 The Patriot. Shudlick’s message has become a cross between Gary Bauer’s and Howard Dean’s as he implores those he meets to help him ”take back America” while supporting a platform that includes being pro-life, pro-medical savings accounts and still oddly, fighting socialism. Shudlick’s homemade sign reads ”The Perfect Storm” Didn’t everybody die in that movie?

Harold Shudlick is obviously a decent man, but like a midget in the NBA, he’s completely out of his league. One of his posters reads, ”It’s Time for the Good Wine.” That’s it. No, I don’t know what it means either, and I don’t have the heart to ask. I don’t think a pro-wine, anti-socialism platform will win the GOP endorsement, although it may entertainment some wine aficionados like Doug.

I think it may be time to put the cork back in.


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