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Off Topic: Richardson

Occasionally political events outside Minnesota are so compelling that they require comment -- even on a blog devoted to a Gopher State Senate race 20 months away. Last Independence Day weekend I was on pins and needles desperately hoping John F. Kerry would select John Edward as his running mate instead of New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson. Why? In spite of the fact that China purloined some valuable nuclear secrets under his tenure at Energy, Richardson is downright sane. His selection last July as Democratic running mate would have insured New Mexico stayed in the Democratic column and would have put AZ, NV and perhaps even CO in play. It would also likely have stemmed Republican inroads with the Hispanic community.

Bullet dodged.

In just the last several days Richardson has proven himself to be a genuine supply-sider on economic policy and hawkish on foreign policy. Regrettably, this makes him unfit for the Democratic ticket in '08 or any time soon. But if lightning struck and circumstances put Richardson in the Oval Office, Americans of all political stripes could rest easy. Ironically, Richardson's political future would be much brighter if he came over to the dark side.


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