Dayton v. Kennedy

Returning Senator Mark Dayton to the Ranks of the Idle Rich in 2006


Rage Against 'The Machine'

If you tuned in to the Northern Alliance Radio Network yesterday from 12-3PM you heard their first guest, Congressman Mark Kennedy, tell the N.A.R.N. guys how much he relies on alternative media to both receive and communicate information on public policy. It's clear that the Kennedy campaign has made an early strategic decision to largely bypass traditional media to get their story out -- very smart since most local print and broadcast media has long since proven its hostility toward conservatives. Kennedy lauded "The blog formerly known as Dayton v. Kennedy" as breaking new ground in the coverage of his Senate campaign. In particular, he highlighted First Ringer's recent sojourn with the Congressman on his statewide campaign announcement tour -- a trip that has even been noted in The Hotline political report. Kennedy also reprised his opposition to the McCain-Feingold campaign finance "reform" law which stands poised to rob bloggers of their First Amendment rights.

At this point, Brian "St. Paul" Ward of Fraters announced to Kennedy and their entire audience the new name of TBFKADVK: KENNEDY v. THE MACHINE; The new name was met with approval by Kennedy and with cheers by the N.A.R.N. crew. Fun stuff.

Why 'The Machine'? We found it descriptive of the amalgamation of the DFL, Star Tribune editorial page, most local broadcast media, educational establishment (which values tenure, retirement benefits and political correctness more than education), AFSCME, SEIU and various and sundry other tentacles of the status quo. It also alludes to the worst in big-city Democratic "Boss" politics (see fmr. Mayor Daley, Tammeny Hall, etc.) which has recently reared its ugly head in Washington State, Philadelphia and Milwaukee. Kennedy will be up against all these forces and more for the next 19+ months.

Now for the humble pie: 2 weeks ago we pronounced the Yecke campaign in CD-6 as not ready for prime time by virtue of the fact they were putting out literature with a web address that did not yet exist. While has been secured, development of said site is "under construction". We expect the new site to be operational in the next several days with help from our good friend Derek Brigham.



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