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Saint Patty Jumps In On Saint Patty's Day

Our good friend at Minnesota Democrats Exposed scoops us with news that Saint Patty is running, appropriately enough, on Saint Patty's Day.

This should be seen as unadulterated good news for Minnesota Republicans. Wetterling did remarkably well last year in a district in which -- on paper -- she should have had no chance. This was due exclusively to the good will afforded her name. What most folks don't know is that 90 days before the election she was still trying to figure out what she believed on the issues of the day before ultimately assuming the doctrinaire positions of She avoided media appearances like the plague. If you think Congressman Kennedy stumbled just a bit yesterday, just wait until you see Wetterling wither under the media spotlight she so painstakingly avoided last autumn.

Wetterling's decision insures a lengthy Democratic primary battle. More significantly, it almost certainly insures GOP retention of CD-6. There is rejoicing in Stillwater and Blaine this evening.

The folks at Kennedy v. The Machine do not wish Patty Wetterling luck but we wish her well. She has endured a level of suffering known by few parents -- and borne with more grace by even fewer. But her public policy prescriptions -- like the rest of the radical Left of her party -- would be disastrous for our state and nation.


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