Dayton v. Kennedy

Returning Senator Mark Dayton to the Ranks of the Idle Rich in 2006


When a Kiss (Isn't) Just a Kiss

New England leftists are incensed about Senator Lieberman's flirting with President Bush on Social Security reform. Many are dismayed he accepted (and returned) the President's kiss on the night of the State of the Union. So much so, in fact, that they are considering eating their young:

John Orman, of Trumbull, said he is creating an advisory committee to evaluate a run for the Democratic nomination.

"There is a great national debate going on for the heart and soul of the Democratic party," said Orman, 56. "Let the battle begin here and now in Connecticut."

Lieberman, 62, ran unsuccessfully for vice president as Al Gore's running mate in 2000, and then launched a bid for president. He pulled out of the White House race in Feb. 2004, after convincing losses in the early primaries.

The three-term centrist Democrat has come under fire for his support of the Iraq war and his willingness to work with President Bush and the Republicans on a number of issues.

"Our party's Senator is no longer a Democrat. He has joined the Republicrat Party," said Orman. "After 17 years as a safe-seat senator, Joe has lost touch with his party and with his state."


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