Dayton v. Kennedy

Returning Senator Mark Dayton to the Ranks of the Idle Rich in 2006


Wictory Wednesday

In the late '80s there was a raging debate in the pages of National Review magazine, at that time the flagship of conservative journalism. Then-editor (and godfather of modern conservatism) William F. Buckley was arguing that conservatives should throw their support behind moderate Democrat Joseph Lieberman in his attempt to unseat liberal Republican Lowell Weicker in their Connecticut Senate race. Thomas Sowell, if memory serves me, was arguing against conservative support for Lieberman by contending that of greatest importance is securing a Senate majority -- from which all legislative power flows.

Buckley's support may not have made the difference but it didn't hurt Lieberman's ultimately successful campaign against Weicker.

Today conservatives are facing a situation with similarities in Rhode Island. Liberal Republican Lincoln Chafee will be in a tough race next year. His task has been made somewhat easier by the fact that he will be facing "dynasty" ultra-liberal candidate Patrick Kennedy. What makes our decision easier, as conservatives, to support Chafee is best summarized below by Polipundit:

Chafee is one of the more independent members of the Republican caucus. But he casts the two most important votes that count:

1. To keep Republicans in charge of the Senate, so that ultra-liberals like Patrick Leahy do not chair key committees.

2. To give the president’s judicial nominees a fair up-or-down vote.

Every seat matters. Please support Chafee’s campaign with an online contribution.


UPDATE: A day after his mother was found drunk and badly injured while lying in a street, Patrick Kennedy is OUT of the race.
(Hat tip: SI Conservative)


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